A great Novice boat, fun for all in Open Water.

Hull designed by Ted Van Dusen to be stable yet lively. The perfect boat for a novice to start in, with enough performance for an experienced oarsman to have a good workout on flat water or to have a blast in big rough water. Extremely tough, designed to provide years of trouble free use in a school or club environment.

19' long     22" at waterline    40 lbs. rigged

Zephyr Photos

Construction: Cored-construction hull and deck. Unidirectional fiberglass outer skin, syntactic foam core and Kevlar inner skin. Full length foam cored Kevlar frame. High performance vinyl-ester resin is nearly as strong as the best epoxies and is much tougher than any other resin.

Performance: The Zephyr hull shape was designed by Naval Architect Ted Van Dusen. It is designed to be stable enough for a novice to feel comfortable on the first row, yet provide the necessary feedback to improve technique. It is very easy to reenter after a capsize, with no fear of damage. It's advanced hull shape feels surprisingly fast and lively for such a stable shell and experienced rowers can have an enjoyably productive workout in it. We have built it to be extremely sturdy for club and school use. The rigging is made of the same heavy wall tubing, as our other boats, and will not bend, slip, or go out of adjustment. The boat has no fragile edges to crack or hang up on the dock. All rigging is bolted into heavily reinforced sections of the hull and will not pull loose. All screws are backed up with extra Kevlar pads and cemented in epoxy. The Kevlar, full length frame, and 3mm thick solid cored hull and deck provide tremendous impact resistance. Peinerts are known for their toughness, and this one was designed to be even more durable for novice and club use. The Zephyr's stability and buoyancy also make it a fun boat in rough water.

Rigging: Adjustable for height, pitch, and spread. Adjustable tracks.

Anodized aluminum rigger is removable with six nuts. Concept II oar locks. The rigger forms a convenient handle, and a center hatch allows access to adjust tracks and for storage. Several optional handle configurations make carrying easy.

Seat: Molded dual action seat with 33 inch adjustable tracks and an extra wide wheel base of 11 inches for added stability and clearance for your calves.

Stretchers: Peinert designed fiberglass clog foot board with foam padded straps. Provides secure comfortable footing for all sizes of feet. Track shoes optional.


  • Track Shoe Foot Stretcher
  • Bailer
  • Compass
  • Splash-guard, removable
  • Hatch - Bow and/or Stern of Cockpit (Center Hatch standard)
  • Kit-bag for Hatch
  • End Handles - Bow and/or Stern ends of boat. (Cockpit Handles standard)
  • Sorbothane Seat Pad
  • Colors - Cherry Red, White, Royal Blue, Nautical Grey, British Racing Green - Hulls can vary from deck. Custom colors, stripes, names possible.

Cost: $4,775

Track Shoe Foot Stretcher: $125 Bailer: $120 Compass: $120 Splash-guard: $100  Hatch: $20 Kit-bag: $30 Sorbothane Seat Pad: $39  End Handle(s): No Charge