"I just got off the lake, and I want to thank you for building and designing a great boat. A year ago, I took up rowing and, since starting, I try to row 4-5 days per week; most of the time, with a world class coach. He suggested Peinert. During this time, I have had the opportunity to row a half a dozen different boats, and none come close to the simplicity of design and feel of your boat. Job well done!"
-Jeff Ward, Austin, Texas

"I have owned my Zephyr for just over a year, and I am a huge fan of this boat. I row it in the ocean off Marblehead, and it handles all (rowable) conditions that we see really well. It is stable, fast, durable, and just plain fun to row.

Also, anyone looking to race in the 19’ class should look at past results for Blackburn, Essex and JCR: the Zephyr is the way to go."

-Jigger Herman, Massachusetts

"After a slow start to the season with the incessant rain, I have logged about 40 miles rowing my sharp new red and white Peinert 26, and it is great! The boat sets up well, is comfortable and to my surprise rides out the wakes of rude power
boaters without getting swamped. Today I rowed about 6.5 miles to the Anderson bridge to Harvard Square, and on the way a passing sculler from the Cambridge Boat Club, who I don't know, shouted out "Is that a new boat? It is beautiful!" An unsolicited compliment. I am enjoying the shell, getting in shape, and enjoy being the proud owner of such a beautiful and well made craft. Stay in touch."

-Elliot Steinberg, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"I have been coaching and sculling for over 20 years. My scullers who qualified for
nationals both did so in Peinert shells. They are well built and balanced, travel well and 15 years later, we still use them as club boats. I highly recommend them for scullers of any age."

-Kathryn Walkley, Head Coach, Rainier Rowing Club, American Lake, Washington

"Yesterday the wind was strong from the West and the bay was covered with whitecaps.  The ocean however was nicely flat, being sheltered by the land and houses.  So I took my Peinert Dolphin out in the Atlantic.  Just as I was going out from the beach a large swell came from nowhere and broke right over my body.  It was strong enough to pop out one of my foot stretcher straps, but the Dolphin's hull took it without any problems.  I fixed the foot stretcher and went on for a nice 5-mile ocean row.  The self-bailer easily cleared the water out of the cockpit.  When I returned, the interior cavities of the boat were perfectly dry.  Thanks for making a great boat."

-Bill Rafter

"I really like thePeinert 26.  Although, I outweigh the shell by about 25lbs., I'm still able to row successfully.  She's a beautiful, sleek boat slicing through the water like a bright red arrow in an emerald sky."

-Raleigh Conway, Locust Grove, Virginia


"The Dolphin is a joy to own: it 'runs' beautifully in the water, it handles chop well, and its rigger system is easy to assemble....The Dolphin is clearly a better boat than my previous shell, a WinTech Explorer 21."

-Jim Leslie, St. Paul, Minnesota


Thank you 

P.S. I named my boat "Money Well Spent"

-Lisa Ellison, West Melbourne, Florida


"Well, after seeing one of your boats have its bow bent nearly off when thrust into the sternwheel of our local river boat (moored at the time) at full ebb and max river current, I know they are sturdy...the rower bent it back into shape and finished her row back to the boathouse. Good work!

After being beaten by a Dolphin in a rec boat race at the SE regionals while rowing a Maas 24 (really HARD!) (Bronze vice Silver). Good work!

After talking to grads of Craftsbury about the abuse they witnessed directed at your boats. Good work!

After downloading your web Primer on How to Scull for use by the instructors at my club. Good work!

I have come to the conclusion that maybe a Peinert X25 is in my future."
-Morris Elsen, Wilmington, North Carolina

I bought my Peinert 26 in 1989, and I've put about 13,000 miles on her.....I row from mid-March to the end of December, and row 5 miles for each session. I am 62, and....do not miss a day unless I am out of town or the weather is too extreme. The shell has proven to be absolutely perfect for me. In all these years I have only had to replace the foot strap (twice), the seat (once) and only now the tracks.
If this shell ever actually wears out I'll undoubtedly get another,
which will probably out last me! The shell has given me everything I want. Speed, plus the durability of an obviously well-made boat. Love my Peinert!
-Hank Meshorer, Annapolis, Maryland

This is just to say thank you for the splendid Peinert Zephyr, which undoubtedly gave me the edge I needed, to become the 'first person in the world' to have rowed the length of Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world.....It rowed and handled like a racing scull, yet it gave me the stability that I required in extremely unstable conditions.  I have rowed successfullythrough two and a half plus waves and swells and lived to tell the tale.

-Ian Harvey, United Kingdom

I forgot to compliment you on the robustness and sturdiness of the rig and the fact that the shell took a few hard knocks [inadvertently] on the side of the steel-hulled chase boat as she was being hauled in-board, when not in use.  The Zephyr's tough double-skin did it's job well and survived all the rigours, without so much as a scratch!

-Ian Harvey, United Kingdom

Huge praise for the boat you built for me! I'm less than a season in a single and the X25 is so stable. Feel I'm ready to start refining my stroke.
-Alan Iselin, Rhinebeck, New York

You're right about these boats being tough. Andrew collided with a **** while warming up for a race. The **** rode up over the bow of the Peinert (P 26). The Peinert has a few light scratches. The **** got a hole about 4 inches wide and 12 inches long when it hit the splash board of the Peinert. Luckily no one was hurt, but the **** and its rower had to be rescued by the Coast Guard, Andrew was able to continue on and race.
-Steve Haase

I purchased my Dolphin from the Florida Rowing Center.....I've received numerous compliments on its looks, but more importantly, it handles great when it's rough and is satisfyingly quick in smooth water. I do not hesitate to recommend this boat to members at my club nor would I hesitate at purchasing another Peinert in the future. Thanks for making a great boat!
-Peter Kyres

I rowed my new Peinert 26 this morning. It was awesome. I can't thank you enough for being so helpful.....It feels smooth and fast, everything is working perfectly. You did a great job.
-Tyler Montgomery

The Dolphin was everything that I hoped it would be and more. I rowed it daily during my vacation....and I had a ball.....The bailer works like a charm after an errant big wave. I was back in my shell this morning and my objective of maintaining fitness while on vacation was definitely achieved.....Please feel free to use me as a very satisfied customer reference.
-Jeffrey R. Sturges, Marlborough, Massachusetts

Just want to let you know, the boat (X25) is wonderful. I have no
problems whatsoever balancing it. I can't believe I was so concerned about it being tippy.......I'm very, very pleased.
-Pam Lester, New Jersey

"If,...you see yourself skimming the water at high speed, handling light chop with ease, and heavy chop with skill; if you want to race seriously, perhaps occasionally in flat water races; and if pure sculling technique and maximum power feel good to you, then you will want the Peinert Dolphin.

For beginning scullers there may be a temptation to start with the (Alden) Star or (Maas) Aero and move up, but Chuck Peiper, our Masters sculler, feels the Peinert is so stable you can, in fact, skip the shorter boats and start off directly in it. 'It will feel challenging at first, but in thirty days you will have mastered it, and you won't have needed to own a shorter boat.'"
-Open-Water Rowing, August 1998, "Getting Into Open-Water Sculling, Some Sliding-Seat Boats Reviewed"

"If I were buying boats for a new program, Peinerts would be my first choice. They are durable, have fine craftsmanship, and fit a wide range of sizes and abilities."
-Donald Webber-Plank, Coach Carnegie Mellon University, Three Rivers Rowing

"I picked up my boat on 5/24 and rowed twice on 5/25. What a sweet boat....Rowing has brought me in contact with two great companies - Concept II and yours."
-Alan Brandenburg, Illinois

"The Peinert 26 is perfect for our program at Craftsbury. It is very durable for our beginning scullers yet light and raceable for our more advanced scullers. A very comfortable boat to row. For an inexpensive boat, it performs as well as racing boats costing twice as much."
-Steve Wagner, Director of Craftsbury Sculling Center

"The Peinert Dolphin is the first rec shell that I've rowed that has the look and feel of my racing shell and it's a whole lot more fun to row in rough water. It's a great boat for serious open water and distance racing."
-Michelle Knox Zaloom, '92 and '96 Olympic Sculling Team

"Every day that I row it I like it more."
-Andrew Guisbond

"The Peinert 26 is quite simply the best buy on the market for the serious recreational rower. The versatility of the hull allows it to suit the needs of a wide range of rowers, making it perfect for club or individual use; for training or racing purposes."
-Dan Boyne, Director of Recreational Rowing, Harvard University

"I recently had the pleasure of rowing a friend's Peinert 26....I was impressed with the significantly greater stability of the Peinert. I was even more impressed with the overall design and engineering, i.e., the hull shape, the finish, the innovative rigger system, the clever foot stretcher, etc.....Please send me specs and a price list."
-Dr. Ernest K. Alix, Illinois

"Learning to scull is a great way to develop the skills of a sweep rower. You become much more aware that all of your body motions affect the speed of a boat, and this carries over into eights rowing. Peinerts are great boats to use to teach large numbers of rowers to scull."
-Melanie Onufrieff, Coach Cornell University